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When you walk into BeRaediant Dental Med Spa you will be entering into a space that exudes quality and attention to detail just like you will receive throughout your experience.  Whether your concerns are pain, obstructive sleep apnea, popping TMJ or headaches and TMD that are giving you stress and wrinkles you will embark on a journey of collaborative self discovery.  Your health signs and symptoms will be evaluated and you will be provided with enough of the doctor's time to fully understand the root cause of your problems, ask questions, and be presented with treatment options. Our doctor is a compassionate listener and a highly skilled provider whose main objective is to meet or exceed your expectations at every level. 
At BeRaediant Dental Med Spa, we wholeheartedly believe that our services have the power to transform your life by improving your confidence and enhancing your overall well-being. 
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This doesnt have to be a way of life. You are going to sleep, not scuba dive... 

Obstructive Sleep Apnea leads to...

>>> Stroke
>>> Heart Disease
>>> High Blood Pressure
>>> Diabetes
>>> Irregular Heart Beats


Adult Sleep Apnea cases in USA


Stroke patients have sleep apnea


Patients are unaware of their own condition


Sudden Deaths per year due to OSA

Aesthetics matter

As the orthotic device helps change the facial structure over a period of time, patients are pleasantly surprised to witness how years get taken off from their faces.


Effects on children

Download the sleep and breathing questionnaire to rule out or know how intense or mild of a case you have.


Recognizing the symptoms

Take a short test below by answering some very simple questions based on symptoms to know if you have or are prone Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Simple Sleep Study

A simple sleep study done at home with our latest hi-tech ring tracks your sleep and oxygen levels along with sleep apnea incidents throughout the night

TMJ Pain

That popping sound you hear!

That sudden sharp pain in the jaw! When you cannot open your mouth fully! Cant eat your favorite food! All this points to  what is called TMJ Disorder

  • Does my face show symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
    In almost all cases face and body asymmetries are caused by OSA. A few visual signs include: Crooked smile, higher-lower eyebrow, crooked neck, nose turned to one side, under development on one side of face, Teeth crowding, dark circles etc.
  • How seriously should I take my snoring?
    Snoring is caused by an unclear passage for air to go in and out. Some amount of snoring is common; however, once it becomes loud and constant, it can become fatal and time consuming process to treat completely. It is best to treat it early on because with age snoring gets intense.
  • Is Obstructive Sleep Apnea dangerous?
    Yes. Sleep apnea has been linked to heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, personality changes, impotence, depression and nocturia. One of the most significant symptoms is excessive daytime sleepiness. Because of excessive sleepiness, tired drivers have a higher propensity for auto accidents.
  • My son is diagnosed with ADHD. Is it related to sleep?
    Yes, a compromised airway in children is to be blamed for many issues children experience including improper jaw development, behavioral issues, teeth crowding, mouth breathing, poor performance in sports and academics. Please note: Removing tonsils is NOT the best approach as it leads to many other issues for the rest of the life of the child. Early intervention is your best approach.
  • How do you treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea?
    Treating OSA requires accurate diagnosis of the problem through certain tests, based on which the doctor devises a treatment plan. Most patients start to see improvements in a couple of weeks.
  • How can you help me?
    We will be happy to do a Free Consultation for you. Please call our office to schedule a time.



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