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Why Sleep Image?

Comprehensive, Clinically Accurate & Cost Effective

  • Hardware for single or multi patient use

  • Ease of use and cost effective for multi-night testing

  • Diagnose obstructive and central sleep apnea

  • Track treatment to improve patient outcomes

  • Measure Sleep Quality, Sleep Duration and Sleep Apnea

  • Improve Patient Outcomes & Practice Outcomes

What is Sleep Image?

FDA-cleared Software as a Medical Device (SaMD)

  • Measure health during sleep from the Autonomic Nervous System

  • Hardware options for single-patient & multi-patient use

  • One point of contact on the finger to capture 6 channels of raw data

  • Data is streamed live to a mobile device during the sleep test

  • Data is automatically uploaded to the secure Clinical Portal

  • Output is automatically created for interpretation and diagnosis

How to use SleepImage?

Simplifying the Complicated, making it Easy to Use

  • Single point of contact to capture data to practice precision medicine

  • The Sleep Quality Index is your Autonomic Nervous System tracker

  • Fully automated and accessible from anywhere to reduce workload

  • Obstructive and Central AHI, Sleep Fragmentation and color-coding

  • Score studies manually and write clinical notes adhering to guidelines

  • Patient sharing & APIs makes collaboration easy to improve patient care

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