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Dr Bonnie Rae, DMD earned her degree from the prestigious University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine and has honed her skills over the past three decades with esteemed colleagues such as the late Dr Pete Dawson, the Pankey Institute and internationally with America Academy of Anti Aging Medicine (A4M)-Dubai.  Being a disciple of Dr Dawson had led Dr Rae to become an expert in the area of occlusion and TMJ as till date, it is  the most ignored and misunderstood area in Dental Medicine. 

From providing the finest in Full Mouth Reconstruction to addressing areas of significant aesthetic/aging concerns of her patients, Dr Rae has used her artistic, healing touch to relieve pain, improve function and enhance the individual.

As more and more patients present with a plethora of ailments, complex medical histories and multiple medications, Dr Rae felt compelled to learn more to see how she can increase her reach to help her patients in a more holistic and comprehensive way. Being a forever student she sought significant advanced training to become an expert in recognizing the connection of overall health to the oral/facial apparatus and its variety of remedies, specifically to address the epidemic of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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